Blizzard clarifies how you can unlock mounts in Diablo 4 after the article error

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Blizzard clarifies how you can unlock mounts in Diablo 4 after the article error

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A clarification to some recent cheap d4 items gold article has players getting excited about riding their mounts in-game letting out a sigh of relief.

In an April 24 post, Blizzard said ridable mounts in Diablo 4 weren't unlockable before the main questline was completed. Apparently, the wording was incorrect, and mounts are instead throughout their own quest throughout the main storyline.

Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard, issued an apology and clarification to Kotaku editor-in-chief Patricia Hernandez today following the site report that mounts weren’t unlockable before the main questline was finished.

Ybarra said the article has been “corrected” and also the company didn’t realize that “the original blog was confusing” after he tried to correct Kotaku’s article.

“Unlocked through completing a questline while you progress naturally with the main story campaign, mounts come with an assortment of customization possibilities to them, for example, different types of mounts, armor, and trophies,” the article now says. “Once a mount is unlocked, you can use it in all game modes for just about any and all characters the ball player creates.”

Blizzard has since confirmed to Kotaku that when a mount is unlocked on a single character, players may then use it on every other character as well as in any of the game’s modes.

“While we would like our players so that you can get to where they would like to go, there are plenty of meaningful encounters to see from local events to strongholds to dungeons that people don’t want players to miss,” Blizzard said.

Players happen to be wondering about how mounts are unlocked and used because of the game’s beta recently, where mounts were inaccessible despite the fact that horses might be seen in stables within the beta’s locations.

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