Diablo Immortal has become the most controversial

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Diablo Immortal has become the most controversial

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The gem will go through an "awakening" process, gaining another five slots surrounding it. This means that players must put five other legendary gems inside these slots to upgrade each of them to rank 10 Diablo IV Gold.

Because of "awakening," a user does not require six, but rather 36 (!) 5-star gems to max their level.

"To unlock a gem, the gem needs to be rank 10 and you'll need to buy an item that's only accessible in the cash shop in exchange for violet orbs, also known as dawning Echos, which cost you around 1000 eternal orbs. That's 30 dollars per gem awakening" ShiftYourCarcass noted.

This would mean that it could cost up to $540,000 with an average of $15,000 per 5-star gem. Additionally, a player would need to pay around $180 for six rising echoes.

The thing is it is that "whales" with less luck will have to shell out more (let's say 1 million dollars?) because Diablo Immortal doesn't guarantee a 5-star gem drop.

Diablo Immortal has become the most controversial launch that has been announced in 2022. The game is currently the least rated Blizzard games on Metacritic by players Many have accused that the company is stealing cash from their fans. The game's monetization has also been criticized by some creators (here is a comment by Riot producer Juno Blees about predatory pay-to-win mechanics).

However, despite the controversy Diablo Immortal continues to earn money for Blizzard buy Diablo 4 Gold. According to AppMagic the game made $14.5 million on mobile during its initial week. its revenues now reaching $40 million.